Expression of Interest  - Interim Board of Directors, Public School Administrators Association of Nova Scotia

The Opportunity

Administrators working in schools, regional education centres, and the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) will form a new association, the Public School Administrators Association of Nova Scotia, on August 1.

The association empowers administrators, as educational leaders, to support the conditions leading to student and teaching excellence. 

The association is also an opportunity to promote common interests and concern of administrators, ranging from professional and collaborative learning to the terms and conditions of their employment. 

An interim board is needed to lead administrators in laying the groundwork for the new association.

All administrators, as defined in the Public School Administrators Employment Relations Act*, are invited to express interest in this leadership role.


The interim board is expected to be selected no later than June 1. 

While the interim board will not be officially appointed until August 1, they can choose to meet before that date to plan and identify necessary supports. 

The interim board is expected to be in place until the Association’s first annual general meeting, which should take place in Fall 2018    

Release time will be provided for any meetings required during school hours. Expenses (travel, meals, etc.) will also be covered, consistent with provincial guidelines.       

Scope of Work

The interim board’s work is expected to include:

  • planning for the initial meeting of the membership, to occur before August 31 (The interim board may decide to hold this initial meeting virtually as opposed to in person.)
  • visioning for the association, in consultation with administrators
  • researching and drafting items for consideration by the association, such as by-laws, constitution, decision-making processes, fees/dues structure, affiliation agreement with the NSTU
  • identifying and researching areas for development to support the Memorandum of Understanding for consideration by the permanent board (e.g., dispute resolution process)
  • preparing for the first annual general meeting and permanent board elections, to take place in Fall 2018

The interim board will be provided with professional development, training, research or other supports they identify, as they work to get the association up and running.    

Assets for people serving on the interim board would include strong organizational and interpersonal skills as well as an interest in governance and governance processes (e.g. fair elections, conduct of meetings).


  • The interim board will be composed of 13 administrators.   Recognizing proportional representation, seats on the interim board will consist of the following:
    • 4 seats from among the following roles: Regional Executive Director/Superintendent; Director/Supervisor; Coordinator
    • 8 seats – Principals & Vice-Principals
    • 1 undesignated seat, to increase diversity on the board
  • A representative panel of administrators who have not expressed interest in serving on the interim board will review all expressions of interest, considering regional, cultural and gender diversity, and recommend names to the Minister of Labour Relations.  Representatives from the Association of Nova Scotia Educational Administrators (ANSEA) and the Principals’ Forum Standing Committee will co-lead this process, with the expectation that they also include administrators who are not members of ANSEA or the Forum. 
Interim board members will also be eligible to apply for the permanent board.

How Can I Express Interest?

Administrators interested in serving on the interim board of the association can express their interest at

Application deadline is end of day (4:30pm) on Friday, May 18.

More Information

The Public School Administrators Employment Relations Act defines an administrator as a teacher who

(i) is employed by a regional centre for education, CSAP or the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, and

(ii) holds, including in an acting capacity, a position with greater supervisory responsibility than a department head, including a position as regional executive director of education, superintendent of schools, director, subsystem supervisor, co-ordinator, principal or vice-principal,

but does not include a teacher acting as a teacher-in-charge in accordance with a professional agreement or the holder of a teaching permit issued by the Minister.

For more information on the association and the Public School Administrators Employment Relations Act, which creates the association, please visit the Nova Scotia Legislature website.