After You Apply

How do I find out if the university, private career college or trade school has received a cheque for me?

  • It is the responsibility of the student to call the Student Accounts and/or Financial Services section of the institution to find out if the scholarship cheque has been received.


Why hasn't the scholarship amount been posted to my student account?

  • Because cheques are made co-payable to the student and the institution, the student may have to co-sign the cheque before it can be applied to your student account.
  • This posting is done by the applicable institution, not the African Canadian Services Branch


How and when is the scholarship paid out?

  • Every effort is made by the African Canadian Services Branch to forward payment to the institutions within the first fourteen days in September, with the second installment being forwarded within the first fourteen days of January.
  • Scholarships are paid out in two equal installments (with the exception of the Teacher & Science Scholarship).
  • The cheques are made co-payable to the student and the institution and are sent directly to the institution which will deduct any fees owing, any remaining funds will be returned to the student by the university.


I've submitted my application, but have changed schools/programs. What should I do?
You should inform the African Canadian Services Branch of any changes to your program or educational institution.

  • Official confirmation of the above is required so that applications can be processed accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Failure to provide written confirmation of the above may result in a cheque being forwarded to the wrong institution which will cause further delays in the application process.
  • An updated acceptance letter to your new institution will be required before any changes will be made.


When will I be notified if I've received a scholarship?

  • Students coming directly from high school may be informed at graduation ceremonies if they are the successful recipient of an award.
  • This can only be done if an application has been received by the African Canadian Services Branch and contains all required documentation.
  • No student will be informed of scholarship status until final marks are received by the African Canadian Services Branch.
  • Following graduation ceremonies, official confirmation in writing to successful recipients will be as per the application process - August.


When will I find out if I'm approved for a scholarship?

  • Scholarship processing is dependent upon deadline dates.
  • Students will receive written confirmation within three weeks after the deadline.
  • Exceptions to this time period are the Teacher Education Scholarship, the Science Profession Scholarship and the University Entrance Scholarship - the scholarship deadline dates for these vary and are processed accordingly.