Who is NOT eligible for the scholarship?
Students enrolled in the following programs are not eligible:
  • the TYP Program,
  • the IBM Dalhousie Law Program,
  • individuals already possessing an undergraduate degree (not eligible for the Post-Secondary Award),
  • students pursuing a Masters or Doctorate Level Degree,
  • and students who have received the maximum allowable funding 
  • programs with no tuition
Can I apply for a scholarship to attend a summer session?
  • No. Students attending summer sessions: periods of instruction normally lasting six to seven weeks during the months of May through August, are not eligible to apply for funding under this program.
Am I eligible for the full scholarship if I attend second semester only?
  • No. If a student will not begin their program until the second semester, the student is eligible for half of the scholarship only.
  • Please note however that application deadlines do not change. If a student will not attend until the January semester, they must still submit an application form prior to the deadline date as outlined on the application form.
Can mature students apply for these scholarships?
  • Yes. Please contact the African Canadian Services Branch for further information.
Do I have to attend a university, private career college or trade school within this province/country?
  • No. (excluding the Teacher Education Award)
Are fourth year students eligible to apply for funding?
  • Yes (effective September 2018)
Are students who enroll in distance education courses eligible for funding?
  • No. Students who enroll in distance education courses are not eligible for funding under this program.
Are students who enroll in an upgrading program eligible for the scholarship?
  • No. Students enrolled in upgrading programs are not eligible for funding under this program.
I already have an undergraduate degree, and am pursuing a dual undergraduate degree, am I still eligible for funding?
  • No.
Can I apply for the Teacher Education Scholarship directly from high school?
  • No. Students must have an undergraduate degree and be accepted into a Bachelor of Education Program or be enrolled in an integrated education program in which case the student could apply for funding during their last two years of study.
If I'm going into the Bachelor of Science Program directly from high school, can I apply for the Science Scholarship?
  • No. Students must possess an undergraduate degree to be eligible for funding under this program.
  • Exceptions to this rule include students entering the Engineering degree program, however students must first complete at least two years of this program before applying for a Science Profession Scholarship
I have not attended high school in Nova Scotia, can I still apply?
  • No.
Can I receive funding to attend university if I've already received funding for community college/private trade school?
  • Yes. Please contact the African Canadian Services Branch for further information.
I graduated a few years ago and have now decided to continue my education, can I still apply for a scholarship?
  • Yes. Students may apply for either the Post-Secondary Award or the Community College Award (see application forms for specific criteria).
Who is eligible for these scholarships?
Each scholarship has specific requirements. However, in general all of the following statements apply to the scholarships for African Nova Scotian Students:
  • A Black African Nova Scotian student with genealogical/ancestral connections to an historical African Nova Scotian/Black community; and/or
  • A Black African Nova Scotian student is a Canadian citizen whose parent(s)/guardian(s) is(are) of Black African descent; and
  • Applicants must be residents of Nova Scotia;
  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens;
  • Applciants must be a graduate of the Nova Scotian School System

I am a part-time student, am I eligible for a scholarship?

  • no, students must be enrolled full time to be considered
What's the definition of 'Full Time Student'?
  • A student officially registered in at least 3 courses in a semester is considered to be "full time," whereas a part-time student is registered for less than 3 courses in a semester.

What if I'm on Academic Probation (at University)?

  • Students must maintain a minimum quality point average of at least 1.70. (60%)
  • Students on academic probation during the first year, will only be considered for partial funding the following year, based on improved academic standing.
  • An application form must be submitted with supporting documentation as per deadline dates.
  • Students will be advised in writing of the status of their application.