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Minister's Panel on Education

Capturing Nova Scotians’ Views on Education


Dear Nova Scotians,

I would like to thank everyone who shared their views on Nova Scotia’s Education system over the last six weeks.

The Minister’s Panel on Education is pleased that thousands of Nova Scotians answered the call for action on shaping the future of education in the province.

Nova Scotians from every corner of the province have submitted their thoughts, ideas and opinions about what the education system should look like today and for years to come.

The panel is looking forward to a detailed analysis of the data as we work to prepare a report for the minister that reflects the views of what Nova Scotians have told us.

Our next steps will be to identify themes and major areas of concerns that have emerged from the survey and submissions and to prepare a final report to Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey by October, 2014.

We look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas to make public education in Nova Scotia better. Thank you for your continued support.

Myra Freeman, Chair, Minister’s Panel on Education