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Early Childhood Education EduPortal - resource for NS teachers
iNSchool - NS Student Information System Anti-bullying web site

School Calendar

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  • Calendrier scolaire
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  • Curriculum Documents - Implementation Drafts, Copy/Paste Versions
    Curriculum Cart
    NS School Book Bureau / Authorized Learning Resources


    Program of Learning Assessment for Nova Scotia

    Minister's Report to Parents and Guardians - assessment results and archived reports.

    Certification & Professional Development

    Child Care Staff / Early Childhood Educators : Classification, Training & Professional Development - grants, continuing education, classification, orientation, PD links...

    Teacher Certification

    EDUfest - over 45 summer learning opportunities for teachers.

    Nova Scotia Educational Leadership (NSELC) - providing educators with the skills development they need to ensure they become more effective educational leaders.

    NS Teacher's College (NSTC) Transcripts

    Classroom Tools & Resources

    Digital Video Library - Browse videos by grade, subject, or series. You can play videos in browser or download to your desktop.

    Literacy Success

    Share.EDnet / Ensemble.EDnet - the resource sharing arm of the NS Virtual School. Explore resources, and share your own!

    Ebsco - Online periodical database with full text articles from Canadian and international newspapers and magazines.

    Learning Resources & Technology - curriculum and video online catalogues, info on computers & software, teacher resources, copyright...

    Media Library - Video database ; Dubbing and Loans of videos ; Software Evaluation database ; Curriculum aterials (scope sheets) ...

    Lifework Portfolio - A lifeWork portfolio is a purposeful selection of items that students gather throughout their years in secondary school. This resource links a student’s experiences to the world of work, and provides a chronological record of a student’s personal growth and achievement.

    Math Itembank (login required)

    Images Project - Copyright-cleared digital images to support the Nova Scotia Public School curriculum.

    Teacher Web Space - NS teachers may create up to 4 Drupal web sites using this platform. An "EduPortal" account is required to access this service.

    Continuum of Service sites

    African Canadian Services

    Anti-bullying Web Site

    Early Years Branch -The Early Years Branch provides funding resources and supports to programs that deliver services to families and children. This includes regulated child care, early intervention and early childhood education training.

    Correspondence Studies - Independent study. The course work is marked by certified teachers who understand the special needs and circumstances of students who study at home.

    Health Promoting Schools

    Schools Plus - Part of Nova Scotia’s child and youth strategy, "Our Kids Are Worth It", Schools Plus helps to improve the delivery of programs and services for children, youth, and families.

    Student Services - Assistive technology, special education, gifted/talent development, transportation, inclusion, dealing with medical conditions, guidance, code of conduct...

    Tuition Support - Providing options for students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Learning Disabilities (LD) to access education outside the framework of the public school system.

    NS Virtual School - provincial online learning platform for delivery of public school and correspondence courses (Distributed Learning), online extensions of school-based classes (Blended Learning), professional development and online meetings

    Curriculum, Learning Outcomes, Authorized Resources

    Learning Outcomes Framework

    Curriculum Cart

    Curriculum Documents - Implementation Drafts, Copy/Paste Versions - Nova Scotia teachers can access this site using their EDnet user ID and password.

    NS School Book Bureau / Authorized Learning Resources


    French Second Language Program (immersion)

    French First Language / Français langue maternelle (CSAP)

    International Baccalaureate Program (IB) - a comprehensive 2-year program that prepares students for success at university and in life beyond.

    Co-operative Education (COOP) - helping students plan their education by getting hands-on experience in potential careers while they are still in school.

    Options & Opportunities (O2) - an exciting high school program which offers students more hands-on learning experiences with a career focus.

    Skilled Trades - courses promoting career exploration and skill development in the trades, and catering to a wide variety of learning styles.