• Information for Parents and Guardians

    We understand that talk of any labour disruption can result in anxiety and concern for students and their families. Should a job action occur, every effort will be made to minimize disruptions to your child’s education. 
    Information Notice

    Nous savons que l’évocation d’interruptions du travail tend à susciter de l’anxiété et des inquiétudes chez les élèves et leurs familles. En cas de recours à des moyens de pression, nous ferons tout notre possible pour réduire au minimum les perturbations dans l’éducation de votre enfant. 
    Avis d'information

  • Out-of-School Learning Time Grants

    The Department is pleased to announce a new grant to assist communities and public schools to help their students succeed in Math and Literacy through learning outside of the school day.

    Subventions à l’apprentissage hors des périodes scolaires

    Le ministère a le plaisir d'annoncer une nouvelle subvention pour que les communautés et les écoles publiques puissent aider leurs élèves à réussir en mathématiques et en littératie grâce à l'apprentissage hors des périodes scolaires. 
  • Affordable, Quality Child Care: A Great Place to Grow!

    Government will make child care more affordable for families while improving wages for early childhood educators.

  • Nova Scotia Provincial Literacy Strategy

    The provincial literacy strategy will ensure young Nova Scotians have the literacy skills to thrive in school and beyond.

    The province is investing $3.2 million in more direct support for students and more support for teachers to strengthen literacy learning in all subjects and grades, every day.

  • The 3Rs: Renew, Refocus, Rebuild

    Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education is helping to improve the learning and teaching environment in Nova Scotia.


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  • Minister's Action Plan to Modernize and Improve Education System

    A stronger emphasis on math and literacy in the early grades is one of the initiatives parents and students will see next September from a new five-year education action plan.