Transcripts of Marks / Diplomas

Re-Issuance of a High School Graduation Diploma

From time-to-time graduates lose or misplace their original diploma and require a replacement for some workplace or post-secondary institution.

Individuals seeking a replacement diploma are asked to take their Transcript to their former school for validation.

  1. The school checks the marks against the course requirements to receive a diploma at the time the individual graduated.
  2. If any schools require blank Diploma forms, they could request them through the School Book Bureau.
  3. If schools require paper for transcripts, they may order from the School Book Bureau by telephone at 902-424-5516 or by fax at 902-424-0545.
  4. The school will fill in the name of the individual, the date the diploma was issued, and then be signed by the principal.
  5. In the case of the school no longer existing, the successor school principal is utilized so that the signature of the principal can be applied to the diploma.
  6. Once signed, the diploma is provided to the individual by the school (picked up or sent in the mail).

High School Transcripts

High school transcripts are provided by the school from where the individual graduated, so the best place to start is by contacting that school.

If the school no longer exists the marks can be found in one of two places:

If the school no longer exists the marks can be found in one of two places:

1) The successor school. For example, St. Patrick's High School in Halifax is now Citadel High School.

2) At a central depository. Usually this is controlled by someone in the Central Office of the School Board that administered the school. 

A starting point would be to contact the board office for the Director of Programs and Student Services.

  • Once located, transcripts are issued to the individual or (upon request) forwarded directly to a workplace / post-secondary institution. 
  • Some schools may charge an administrative fee for one or both of these services.

Link: NS Directory of Schools (contains school & board contact information)
Link: Web sites for NS Regional School Boards
Link: Web sites for NS schools

Teaching Program Transcripts

For transcripts of marks in the following program areas please consult the Teacher Certification web site.

  • Nova Scotia Teacher's College (NSTC) Transcripts 
  • Nova Scotia Summer School For Teachers (pre 1983) 
  • Provincial Examination Transcripts (pre 1973) 
  • Students in the Early Childhood (Pre-School) program 
  • Teachers at the Community Colleges/Vocational Schools requiring transcripts for Faculty Development, and/or Teacher Education courses