IURN Application for Funding

The Inter-university Research Network is once again inviting applications from Nova Scotia educators and University students and faculty for funding to support research on improving student achievement and well-being in Nova Scotia, including evidence-based ways to understand and address the achievement gaps.

Application Package

The application package outlines criteria that will be used by the Network to evaluate proposals and specifies the components that must be received with each application.

As the stakeholders divert their attention to address the challenges of Covid-19, funding for IURN Research projects have been deferred for this year.

An update will be provided in May 2021.


Questions about the funding applications can be directed to the Centre of Learning Excellence at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education (902.424.5829)

About the Network

The Inter-university Research Network was a group formed in response to the Minister’s Action Plan for Education in Nova Scotia.

The mandate of the Network is to contribute to the knowledge base about the causes, effective interventions, and outcomes of initiatives targeting the Achievement Gap in Nova Scotia schools.

They will achieve their work by supporting and helping to mobilize knowledge from research conducted by Nova Scotian educators and University students and faculty.

A Steering Committee which developed the criteria and evaluates applications for funding includes