COVID-19 Cases Connected to Public Schools - Current (last 30 days)

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When a connection between a case of COVID-19 and a school is identified, the school community and the public are notified.

  • As with any positive case, public health will connect with close contacts of the case and advise of next steps.
  • Everyone who is a close contact will be notified, tested and asked to self-isolate for 14 days.  Nova Scotia Health - Contact tracing in schools

The chart below lists all school-connected cases for the past 30 days.

Halifax Regional Centre for Education
School Community Date Cases School Status Activity
Beaver Bank-Monarch Drive Elementary Beaver Bank 17 February 2021 1
In School
  • 18 February 2021
    school closed with at-home learning
  • 01 March 2021
    in-school learning resumed