How Does It Work?

O2 consists of the following eight components:
  • Community Learning Partnerships: learning in authentic settings
  • Integrated Career Education and Planning: courses with a career development focus
  • Skills for the Workplace: development of employability skills and work readiness
  • Flexible Design and Delivery: integrated courses and flexible scheduling
  • Instructional Teaming: targeted staffing
  • Expanded Course Options: course selections to include career-related courses
  • Head Start in a Career: a clear understanding of the career-related significance of student learning
  • Connecting with Family: family engagement and ongoing communication

How will students benefit? 

Students who complete high school through the O2 program will be expected to demonstrate the following: 

  • an ability to articulate a career plan
  • strong employability and personal skills
  • personal awareness of their skills and strengths
  • increased knowledge of career options
  • increased preparedness to transition from school to life/work pathway

02 Certificate Requirements

Students must complete the following O2 requirements upon graduation to receive an O2 certificate: 

  • student portfolio  (integrated with all courses)
  • Community-Based Learning 10
  • Career Development 10 and 11
  • Workplace Health and Safety 11
  • multiple Co-operative Education courses