Skilled Trades 10 is the starting point for students who want to explore the skilled trades as a career option. It features a curriculum that immerses students in the realities of skilled trades work. Designed in consultation with certified, Red Seal-endorsed trades educators, Skilled Trades 10 provides a mixture of classroom and practical workplace activities. Students spend approximately 80% of their time completing real trades tasks and projects, using the basic tools of industry professionals.
Skilled Trades 10 is the first in a suite of courses that fully integrates a range of skilled trades into Nova Scotia’s high schools.
Construction Trades 11 - Building a connection
Construction Trades 11 comprises the building of a complete, full-scale four unit building. Each unit contains a room plus a full bathroom. The class is divided into four groups of four and each group is responsible for its unit. Students frame, rough-in, and finish the work of six different trades.
Transportation Trades 11 - A road to the trades
Transportation Trades 11 is designed so that students begin to understand service work in an automotive setting. Students disassemble and reassemble an engine paying attention to components and making calculations that unfold the internal combustion system. Student also perform maintenance, diagnostic and other tasks on a car.
Skilled Trades 12 - Co-op A real world connection
Skilled Trades 12 Co-op is literally where the rubber meets the road. Students work directly with a certified journeyperson performing the actual tasks of the trade in a community-based setting.