How will you learn?

How you will learn in Skilled Trades 10
Classes in Skilled Trades 10 introduce you to the on-the-job realities faced by apprentices when they begin training.
You use professional-grade hand tools, and, like an apprentice, spend much of your time working on practical activities and real construction projects. This experience quickly gives you a strong sense of the physical demands of skilled trades work. During the course, you and a partner build a section of a wall, complete with plumbing and electrical wiring.
As you complete course projects, you learn how to perform the following tasks:
  • work as part of a team
  • read blue prints
  • make precise measurements and calculations
  • estimate materials requirements
  • handle materials
  • communicate effectively
In a typical class, you explore career opportunities and also work toward mastering the professional techniques needed to build, wire, and install plumbing for your wall. These activities develop the confidence and knowledge you need to tackle an even larger project in Construction Trades 11—constructing an entire unit of a four-unit building.