What will you learn?

What you will learn in Skilled Trades Courses
In Skilled Trades courses, you learn about the tremendous impact the skilled trades have on society, find out what life in the skilled trades is really like, and experience how rewarding it is to work with both your mind and your hands. You also get the opportunity to meet tradespeople in your community.
There are three levels of Skilled Trades courses:
Skilled Trades 10 is a course that focuses on the construction-related trades, and touches on other trades in a broad view. Service Trades 10 is a course that focuses on the service-related trades, where services are delivered, rather than goods.
The Grade 11 Skilled Trades courses are sector courses that narrow in on a cluster of trades in each sector. Construction Trades 11 focuses on the Carpenter, Construction Electrician, Floor Covering Installer, Lather, Painter and Decorator, and Plumber trades. Transportation Trades 11 focuses on the Automotive Service Technician, Automotive Painter, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Motorcycle Mechanic, Motor Vehicle Body Repairer, Parts Person, and Truck and Transport Mechanic trades. Manufacturing Trades 11 focuses on the Machinist, Metal Fabricator, Sheet Metal Worker, and Welder trades. Culinary Trades 11 focuses on the Cook and Baker trades.
Skilled Trades Co-op 12 concentrates on one trade in particular. In Skilled Trades Co-op 12, students will extend their previous learning with an on-the-job Co-op placement with certified journeypeople. Skilled Trades Co-op 12 is the place where learning is synthesized.