Technology Education at the junior high school level provides students with an introduction into the three major areas or strands of technology education. These include:


1) Communications Technology - includes processes such as photography, multimedia, video production, graphic design, a variety of printing processes, animation, technical design (drafting) and electronic broadcasting. 


2) Energy, Power and Transportation - includes content in such processes as energy utilization, energy production, electronics, transportation, automotive technology, rocketry, flight, and all forms of power (including internal combustion, CO2, etc.)


3) Construction, Production, and Manufacturing - includes content involved in the processes found in the areas of building construction, manufacturing, and production.  The transformation of raw materials into a variety of products using materials such as wood, metal, and plastics is experienced.


At the senior high school level, the availability of Technology Education courses will depend on the offerings at the specific school site. These may include:


Exploring Technology 10

Production Technology 11

Production Technology 12

Communications Technology 11

Communications Technology 12

Construction Technology 10

Construction Technology 12

Design 11 

Energy, Power, and Transportation 11

Electro-technologies 11

Home Trades 12

Film and Video Production 12

Multimedia 12

Audio Recording and Production 12

Business Technology 11

Business Technology 12

Computer Programming 12


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