Council to Improve Classroom Conditions

The Council to Improve Classroom Conditions is a first for our province. It will take real action to reduce demands on teachers' time that limit their ability to support student learning. The council will reflect the perspectives of teachers, parents and students.
The classroom teacher positions were chosen by school board superintendents, who worked with board staff in selecting candidates. The superintendents submitted their selections to the government and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union on March 7.
The government’s appointees are a parent, a guidance counsellor and a principal.
The council will have $20 million over two years to address issues in the classroom identified by teachers, including: 
  • data collection and reporting
  • assessment and evaluation
  • timing of administrative days relative to report card preparation
  • student attendance policy
  • technology and work processes, including PowerSchool and TIENET (Technology for Improving Education Network)
  • scope of practice for teachers
  • planning for student success
  • complex classrooms
  • class sizes at all grade levels
  • student discipline policy
Close to 800 teachers applied to the council. There will be opportunities through the work of the council for teachers to engage in the process and share their ideas.
The council’s first meeting was held on March 21-23, 2017.
Questions or comments can be directed to: