If we move to some version of at-home learning, what will you do to ensure students are able to receive adequate education? In the spring, not all families had access to technology or Internet?

Parents / Students
We recognize that there were challenges with at-home learning in the Spring. We heard from parents that we needed to do better, and we are. We received over 28,000 surveys from parents, guardians and students regarding the at-home learning experience and needs and suggestions for improvement. Using this feedback, and the feedback from teachers, this year there will be enhanced expectations for teachers related to online education. Those expectations are being developed and will be shared in the next few weeks. We are also planning an extensive roll-out of tech equipment for students who do not have a device or have limited access to a device. Over 14,000 new and refurbished devices have been ordered for this Fall. For those without internet, they will be able to access schools if we move to a blended learning model. If students are learning at home, we will utilize the USB delivery system trialled during at-home learning in the spring.