End-of-Year Assessment Update

Student Assessment Update

June 2, 2021

As a result of staff and students returning to in-class learning, the following web page is being updated to reflect current guidance to students, families, and teachers regarding end-of-year assessment.

The questions below answer some common questions that have been asked. If you have any additional questions about your final June high school assessments or any other classroom assessments at any grade, please speak to your teacher who will be able to respond to your specific questions.

Below you will find Qs and As related to high school assessment followed by general assessment information for all grades:

High School Assessment Questions

Returning to school at this time will provide high school students with the opportunity to get additional support, make connections, study, and work with others in person as the school year comes to an end. No assignments, work or assessments will change because you are back in school.

Q: When are high school summative assessments?

  • Assessments are scheduled the week of June 14th with some Nova Scotia Virtual School assessments taking place on June 10.
  • With students going back to school across the province this week this means that students will be able to connect in person with teachers and other support staff for assistance prior to final assessments. 

Q: Will high school summative assessments look different now that students are attending school in person?

  • These final assessments will remain the same as communicated to students in May when students were learning from home. These final assessments were determined by teachers and could include exams, presentations, projects, interviews, portfolios, and performances and other options to assess students.

  • It is important that what was communicated to students regarding type, weight, and timing of the final assessment stays in place. 

Q: My summative assessment was designed to be done in an online environment; can it stay in this format?

  • Teachers will determine based on their professional judgement how students will complete the final assessment. Note that it is expected that the final assessment will not change with a return to school buildings. 
  • For those assessments that are designed for an online environment, that does not need to change as students return to school.  It is important to note that students can benefit from being with their teachers and other support staff during assessments. 

Q: What if a student has a vaccination appointment booked during my summative assessment?

  • The student should not cancel the appointment, students should contact the teacher who will record this in the PowerSchool note section for others in the school to also be aware and alternate arrangements will be made for the final assessment. 

Q: Should students still book vaccination appointments?

  • Where possible, students should schedule vaccination appointments to avoid conflict with final assessments.
  • If this is not possible, the student should contact the teacher who will record this in the PowerSchool note section for others in the school to also be aware and alternate arrangements will be made for the final assessment. 

Q: Are there any provincial assessments in June?

  • The NSE English 10, Mathematics 10, and Français 10 exams will not be administered this June. However, students in these courses will have final assessments as designed by their classroom teachers. 

Assessment Qs and As for all grades:

Q: What is the status of report cards and IPP reports?

  • Report cards and IPP reports will be issued no later than June 30. Yes. Students in Grades 1 – 12 will receive a grade, comments and a learner profile. Primary students will receive comments and a learner profile. Parents can check their child’s ongoing assessments and attendance through the parent portal in PowerSchool.

Q: What if a student is sick during assessments?

  • Students should not go to school if they are sick, alternate arrangements should be made with the teacher and the school.

Q: Are there additional supports available for my child?

Student wellbeing is a key consideration. Each child is working under different circumstances and teachers will take that into account during any assessments. If your child needs extra support, contact their teacher or principal. Examples of extra support may include as appropriate:
  • Student Support Workers
  • TAs/EPAs
  • Specialist teachers
  • Schools Plus staff
  • Attendance Support Workers
  • Parent Navigators
  • School Counselors
  • Homework Hub for math for grades 4 – 12.