The policy has targeted interventions that will be used to address absenteeism. What are they?

Student Attendance and Engagement Policy

The policy identifies targeted interventions for students who miss a lot of class time. The interventions will vary based on the needs and individual circumstances of students. The could include developing an attendance plan or contract, identifying or connecting the student or family with school, regional centre for education, or community supports.

The operational plan suggests:

  • Intervention 1 – after 5% of missed days/classes a teacher will contact home.
  • Intervention 2 – after 10% of missed days/classes the principal or vice-principal will meet with the student and potentially the parent/guardian to discuss the reasons for the absences and any supports that may be needed.
  • Intervention 3 – after 15% of missed days/classes the principal will schedule a second meeting with the student and potentially the parent/guardian, to identify any additional supports or interventions that may help address the ongoing attendance issues.
  • Loss of Credit – loss of credit may occur at the high school level when a student has missed 20% of class time.  The final decision around loss of credit rests with the principal and must be communicated to the student and family.