What measures will be in place to ensure the safety of students and staff?

Health & Safety
First is the obvious one, good hand hygiene. Students and staff will be required to clean their hands as they enter the school and before and after eating and throughout the day. There will be enhanced cleaning procedures and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day. In the younger grades, we are asking classes to stay together. There will be staggered recess, and lots of outdoor play and exercise. Non-essential furniture will be removed or moved aside in classrooms to ensure desks are spaced out. Students and staff are asked to self-monitor and stay home if they feel ill. There will be a “no-sharing policy” in place, meaning students will not be able to share school supplies. If tech equipment is used, it will need to be cleaned between uses. There will be few visitors in the school, and only for essential purposes. Parents will need to drop off their children outside the school.