In-Person Summer 2020 Workshop - Rockingstone & St. Catherine’s

Workshops available at Rockingstone & St. Catherine’s Aug 10 - 13

What are Workshops?

· Workshops are free, fun and engaging summer activities in your neighborhood!
· Each week our teams will meet with children and their same aged peers and use games, conversation, books, movement activities and all kinds of other fun ways to develop their social, emotional, and communication skills.
· Child and Youth Care Practitioners and other HRCE specialist professionals are leading our summer workshops.

Examples of Workshops and Themes:

Grades: 2/3
Theme: Follow your heart with Art
Description: Feeling artsy? Come join us in expressing ourselves with art! Art is unique just like every one of us! Let us let our feelings dance on paper and create something magical! We provide the suppies!

Grades: 2/3
Theme:Let's Be Friends
Description: Join us for a week of all things friendship! Get to know your peers and learn to be a good friend while engaging in exciting activities such as "The Five Finger Friendship Challenge!"

Grades: 4 /5
Theme: Superhero Strength
Description: We will focus on identifying personal strengths and how these might help children in all kinds of situations. The focus will be on developing yourself as a superhero and identifying personal strengths and coping skills.

Grades: 4/5
Theme: I like being a friend
Description: Come check out what being a good friend is all about. We will do fun stuff around communication, solving problems, and being safe on the internet.

Grades: 6-7
Theme: Be At Your Best to Do Your Best
Description: How do you take care of yourself each day? What are some skills you could use to help you feel great? We will talk all about this and play games and trivia during these workshops.

Grades: 6-7
Theme: News Flash!
Description: Come and talk about the ever-changing world we live in. Flex your critical thinking skills and put them to use with activities that challenge you to reflect on the news headlines. Explore crazy and interesting things happening around the world, learn to tell real news from ‘fake news,’ test your trivia knowledge, and get your silliest captions ready! By the end of the week, you will be ready for a career as a news reporter

How Can I Register?
Registration begins Thursday, July 2nd from 10-12 and 1-3pm.
It will continue each weekday until camps are full.
We will not be accepting new on-site registrations the day workshops are scheduled to begin in your area.
Please call (902) 464-2000 Ext 4362 You can also email for more information.
Halifax Regional Centre for Education
New Date: 
10 Aug 2020
11 Aug 2020
12 Aug 2020
13 Aug 2020
9:30 – 11:30am OR 1:00 – 3:00pm
In Person or Online?: 
in person