Nova Scotia-Québec Student Exchange

This program is a 6-month student exchange available to French second-language high school students from Nova Scotia

Students who participate are eligible to apply for the Expérience culturelle 12 credit.

While in the program, participants will:

  • Host a French-speaking student from Québec in their home for three months (September, October, November)
  • Spend three months learning in a French secondary school in Québec (February, March, April), and
  • Live with the family of their French-speaking partner while studying in Québec.


Application Process & Documents

The Nova Scotia-Québec Student Exchange Program involves a very detailed application and interview process. Please take the time to carefully read the documents below.

Students interested in the Nova Scotia-Québec Exchange Program are encouraged to contact their school guidance counsellor and complete Form A and Form B below.

  • Form A (Student Application)
  • Form B (Letter of Introduction)

The identified Liaison Teacher(s) and Selection Committee members can access the following documents pertaining to the interview process, student protection and consent.

More information on the Student Exchange may be obtained by contacting: