Supported Child Care

The goal of the Supported Child Care Program (SCC) is to assist in the creation or enhancement of existing inclusive child care programs for young children. Inclusive child care encourages the participation of children with diverse abilities in their community child care program. All children are able to interact with their peer group and receive supports that will encourage successful early learning experiences.

Within a quality program, children develop confidence, creativity, coordination, problem-solving skills and healthy relationships with others by actively exploring their environment through play.

Following consultation with the an Early Childhood Development consultant (ECDC), facilities may access funding support via the Supported Child Care Grant (SCCG) in the creation or enhancement of their existing inclusive child care program. Both the application process and use of SCCG funding are the responsibility of the child care facility. SCCG funding is not attached to a child or diagnosis and must be used in a manner that enables the provision for an inclusive child care program.


All full-day, part-day and school-age licensed child care facilities are eligible to apply for Supported Child Care Grant (SCCG) funding. Licensed child care facilities receiving funding must be in compliance with:

To learn more about the Supported Child Care Program, please contact one of our regional offices to speak with an Early Childhood Development consultant (ECDC).