Cookie Notification

Below is a list of the persistent cookies that the Nova Scotia Department of Education uses, the information they hold, and their purpose.

  • Not every cookie will be used on every site.

  • Multiple cookies may be found in a single file depending on which browser you use.

  • General information cookies and how to control them on your computer can be found on the Cookies Information page.

_ga, _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmv, _utmz

Google Analytics cookies that store non-personal data about site visits: A unique identifier given to each computer to allow traffic analysis to determine the number of unique visitors to various parts of the website. Data is only used in aggregate.

SESS* (Example SESS1ca9a32632600b7812b98819fcf511d2)

A Drupal CMS cookie that is set only for authenticated (logged in) users. It ensures the login remains active and is essential for site functionality.

Drupal.tableDrag.showWeight, Drupal.toolbar.collapsed

Drupal CMS cookies that are set only for authenticated (logged in) users. They facilitate storage of user interface preferences.

device, device_type

Drupal CMS (Context Mobile Detect) cookies. They are used to identify the device type that is being used to view a site (e.g.: smartphone, tablet, desktop computer) so that a site can be formatted optimally for that device.

EducPortalLanguage, IncTrackingLanguage

ASP.NET cookies set by applications written by the NS Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. They facilitate storage of user language preferences.


A cookie for Select Surveys which recognizes an anonymous user.


Moodle CMS cookies that are set only for authenticated (logged in) users. They enable optional 'remember username' functionality.