Licensing Services

Child care staff member with kids

The primary objective of Licensing Services is to protect the health, safety and well-being of Nova Scotians receiving away-from-home care.

Licensing activities are designed to reduce the risk of harm to children, youth and adults residing in licensed residential facilities or homes, and children accessing day care services by ensuring compliance with minimum standards.

Licensing Services performs licensing, inspection and compliance enforcement activities for the following programs:

  • Early Childhood Development Services (ECDS): Licensing of Day Care Facilities and Family Home Day Care Agencies

Licensing Services is responsible for the following:

  • Processing applications, ensuring licensing requirements are met and issuing of licenses
  • Performing regularly scheduled inspections on-site at each licensed facility
  • Carrying out compliance enforcement activities for facilities that are found to be in violation of any applicable Act or Regulation
  • Investigating complaints made against licensed and unlicensed facilities