Licensing Change Request

Licensing change requests are required for alterations that will affect license capacity, program type, change in age range, relocation, any substantial renovation, registered name change, or any change that significantly affects the care of children.

Any proposed changes to program age ranges will be required to demonstrate that there is an need within the community (such as a waitlist or other evidence of unmet need).

Please note:

  • Changes to a license require review and approval by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
  • Changes must not be made (such as advertisement of changes that require a new license issued, enrolment of children outside of current license that require an age change renovations that affect licenced floor space for use by children, use of name change, etc.) until the department has approved the change request.
  • Approval is a requirement pursuant to the Early Learning and Child Care Act.
  • Change requests are not required for alterations to the facility, indoors or outdoors, that do not require a new license. Such changes include expansion of a playground, playground upgrades such as surfacing, sheds, equipment, fencing, or renovations that are part of regular maintenance.

The licensing change request process is described below:

  1. Contact your Early Childhood Development Consultant or Licensing Officer to discuss the change you wish to make to your centre/agency and whether you need to submit a Change Request Application.
  2. To apply for a change request, the licensee must complete the Change Request Application Form.
  3. Submit the completed application form via the submission upload form.
  4. The application will be reviewed by the department within six weeks.
  5. Notification will be provided from the department indicating your change request has been either:
    • Approved (new license to be issued);
    • Approved in principle with conditions that must be met before a new license is issued per the Regulations under the Early Learning and Child Care Act; or
    • not approved with accompanying rationale.

If approved in principle

Your Early Childhood Development Consultant or Licensing Officer will contact you about any required conditions, such as work with other provincial or local government agencies for fire prevention, health/safety, zoning, registered name change, or where an inspection by Licensing is required before a license can be issued.

A new license will be issued when you have met all the conditions applicable to the change request.