Nova Scotia Before and After Program

Program Details


Is there a cost and what is it?

Yes. This is a fee-based program.

The fee will be set by the provider. Depending on your household income, you may be eligible to receive subsidy to reduce the cost.

For more information on Child Care Subsidy and to see if you are eligible, visit

My child already takes part in a before and after program at their school. Am I eligible for subsidy?

To be considered eligible for subsidy, your child must be registered in any licensed child care centre in the province or the Nova Scotia Before and After Program. A list of Nova Scotia Before and After Program providers is available online:

What will my child be doing in the program?

The program focuses on movement, outdoor play and physical literacy. Your child will take part in activities designed to promote physical activity, health and wellness.

What hours will the program run?
The provider will determine the program hours, but they based on family need. Typically, programs start at 7am and end between 5 and 6pm.
Does the program include professional development days, in-services, holidays and storm days?
The program will operate with the school schedule. If the school is closed for professional development days, holidays or storm days, the program will not run.
My child is a bus student. Are they still able to register?

Busing begins and ends outside the Nova Scotia Before and After Program hours. As a result, buses will not arrive at school on time to access the before program and will leave before the after program begins.

Do I need to send extra clothes? Food? Any special items with my child?
Children and students in the program will receive a snack every day. Families do not need to pack food or toys. Families will need to make sure their child has appropriate clothing for outdoor play.
Can my child attend only the before or after portion, or must they attend both?
We encourage providers to work with families to meet their needs where and when possible. This will be an operational decision of the provider. Please discuss program options directly with the provider delivering the program at your school.