How will students benefit?

The foundation of the O2 program is to provide a student-centred approach that allows all O2 students will engage in learning through a broad range of community-based learning experiences to help support them in making intentional and meaningful decisions about post-secondary education and career pathways.


Students in the O2 program benefit from: 
  • smaller classes in their O2 cohort classes. 
  • support from an O2 lead teacher for the three years of high school.
  • assured seating at NSCC in one of their top two choices, as long as they meet entrance requirements. (this assurance does not extend to a few programs with an interview, portfolio or special admission requirements)
  • access to field trips, guest speakers, job shadows, service learning, training, certifications, networking opportunities, and co-operative education placements to help prepare them for the transition to post-secondary options, careers and pathways.

Program Outcomes


Students who complete high school through the O2 program will be expected to demonstrate
the following:
  • active engagement in their learning.
  • ability to articulate an education and career plan.
  • personal awareness of their skills and strengths.
  • development of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for success in the workplace.
  • ability to transition to work, a career path, or a post-secondary program
  • awareness and understanding of labour market information in Nova Scotia.
  • ability to identify a satisfying career within Nova Scotia.