O2 Lead Teacher

Each O2 program has a lead teacher who promotes community-based learning and responds
to the needs of the students, families, teachers and the school. 

The O2 Lead teacher will: 

  • advocate for and support all O2 students. 
  • work with students to understand and support their abilities, identities, strengths and abilities.
  • help students develop education and career goals and pathways.
  • manage student safety and complete all risk management processes.
  • maintain regular contact with families. 
  • liaise with administration and staff about issues related to O2 students.
  • identify and plan opportunities for community engagement to support student learning such as field trips, guest speakers, tours, workshops etc.
  • provide students with community-based learning opportunities to support individual education and career goals.
  • provide students with access to and awareness of labour market information to make informed decisions about education and career pathways.