Safety is First and Foremost

Safety is First and Foremost in all Community-Based Learning activities.

Whether a speaker is coming into a school, students are going on a field trip, or students are engaged in service learning or a co-op placement, safety is the priority.

  • Students engaged in community based learning activities are covered by the school insurance program ( A list of exemptions can be found on their website.

  • If a student is entering a Community-Based Learning activity without the direct supervision of authorized board personnel, such as a school administrator, teacher or teacher assistant, or family member, schools are responsible for completing a risk assessment of the venue.

  • Schools are also governed by policies and guidelines from the department and school boards.

Tips for Safety in the Community:

For students interested in becoming involved in the community there is plenty to think about. Things as simple as dog walking, delivering flyers or newspapers, cutting lawns, shoveling snow, volunteering or babysitting all have safety hazards. 

The following tips can help you prepare:

  • If possible get training:  (i.e. babysitter’s course) Learn how to work safely. Follow the rules and know what to do in an emergency.
  • Wear the gear: Hair nets, gloves, aprons, safety glasses, ear plugs, etc. Use them properly as required.
  • Identify risks: Before you start, report any unsafe practices and situations
  • If you don’t know something don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Follow the safety rules of the place you’re visiting.  And if you don’t know the safety rules, ask someone.
  • Report hazards: Tell someone if you see anything you think may be hazardous.
  • If you’re hurt: No matter how minor, report any injuries-tell your family and/or your teacher.
  • Talk to your family: Tell them what you’re doing. Let them know if you think something’s wrong.
  • Work Safe for Life through the Nova Scotia Worker’s Compensation Board is a great place to start thinking and having discussions at home.
  • All forms of school based Community-Based Learning activities must be approved by your teacher and your family and must comply with school board guidelines and policies