How it Works: CSP Program Overview

In correspondence studies, you work at your own pace through the units provided upon enrollment.

After each unit or lesson, you submit your work to a marker who grades the submission and provides feedback to continue the next unit.

  • If you do not submit any assignments to your marker for a period of one year, you will no longer be considered an active student.
  • If you want to continue with your course after the one-year inactive period, you will have to re-enrol and pay the registration fees again.

In grade 10–12 courses, grades are calculated as follows:

  • Course work (70%)
  • Final assessment (30%) 

Note: Students enrolled in correspondence study high school courses where there is a Nova Scotia Provincial Examination are required to complete this as their final assessment.

  • Once the course work has been completed with a successful grade of 50% or greater, the course marker will provide you a final assessment application.
  • This application is returned to the CSP office to book the final assessment and requires a minimum of two business days notice.

The final assessment must be completed with a supervisor.

You will need to find a supervisor who can accommodate your timeline. If you are unable to confirm a supervisor, you can request that the CSP office assign a supervisor to you upon booking.

Final assessment application forms must be received by the CSP at least 2 business days prior to the assessment date requested.

  • Supervisors not assigned by the CSP office must be approved by the CSP office.
  • All information for the final assessment will be provided to the student and the supervisor the business day before the assessment.
  • The final assessment may be done online or on paper, as per the request of the student.
  • Once the final grade is calculated, a transcript of the grades is provided to the school that provided approval for the courses and a certificate is mailed to the student.

Students in their graduating year of high school are expected to:

  • have successfully completed all course work by May 15th of that school year and
  • have submitted the final assessment by June 5th of that year to assure that grades can be provided to the school in due time for graduation.
  • Every effort will be made beyond this to assist students in providing their school with a transcript but will not be guaranteed.

Upon request, proof of grades can be provided to an alternate educational organization, such as a post secondary institution.