Nova Scotia Independent Online Learning 


In February 2023, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) will launch the new Nova Scotia Independent Online Learning (NSIOL) program. It is an online study program that allows students in Nova Scotia to complete high school courses at their own pace, starting at any time in the school year.

How it works 

NSIOL allows students in Nova Scotia to complete high school courses at their own pace, without direct instruction from a teacher, providing flexibility for students to continue their studies in a way that suits their unique needs. 

NSIOL follows the Nova Scotia Public School Program (PSP) and meets the same requirements as in-person courses. Courses are not actively taught. Instead, instructional supports are built into the courses and Mentors will provide clarification of instructions when necessary. All NSIOL course work is assessed by course Mentors who have Nova Scotia teaching certification.   

Who can register for NSIOL courses? 

At this time, students who are enrolled in a public school in Nova Scotia can register for NSIOL courses through their local public high school.

In addition, students who are registered with the Nova Scotia Homeschooling program can be enrolled in a neighbourhood school for specific programming, which can include NSIOL courses. School staff will help students and families determine if NSIOL courses are a good match for each student’s learning needs. 

Is there a cost? 

Registration fees will be waived for students registering through a Nova Scotia public school.

Is there a time limit to complete courses? 

Students have up to 18 months from the date of enrolment to complete each NSIOL course. 

To register for a NSIOL course, contact your Nova Scotia public school counsellor.

For more information about NSIOL, contact the Distributed Learning office at:

Tel: 902-424-4054