Continuing Education Fund

The Continuing Education Program will be adjusted to make it more accessible for part-time students pursuing diploma and advanced practitioner courses and to ensure it continues to meet the needs of today’s students.

What changes will be made to the Continuing Education program?

Nova Scotia and Canada continue to invest significantly in the ECE workforce and to ensure that training opportunities are available with as few barriers as possible. We will continue to refine the continuing education program to ensure we are supporting NS ECEs in their pursuit of further education including the Advanced Practitioner Program.

Any updates of changes to the program will be shared on the EECD website.

What will Continuing Education cover?

Information about the Continuing Education program can be found online at:

It is expected that there will be changes to the Continuing Education Program in the months ahead. Any changes will be posted on the EECD website.

Who is eligible for Continuing Education funding?

Applicants must be currently working with children or families in a regulated child care program or Pre-primary program, while studying part-time to be eligible for Continuing Education reimbursement

Will continuing education cover the cost of certificates through the advanced practitioner program?

As the advanced practitioner programs will be new, EECD will pay for the first 100 individuals to enroll in the pilot programs as we evaluate and determine their success. Following the pilot, it is expected that individuals will pay program costs and that some of those costs will be eligible for reimbursement through the continuing education fund.