I want to be an Early Childhood Educator

Considering a Career as an Early Childhood Educator?

If you are currently studying to be an early childhood educator (ECE) or considering a career in the sector, Nova Scotia’s Excellence in Early Childhood Education workforce strategy is designed to support you in your career path.
The strategy reduces barriers to access to training and ensures individuals entering the sector are supported by career professions to navigate training and career pathways. The Excellence in Early Childhood Education strategy aims to build a strong workforce of ECEs who are professionally recognized, highly skilled, and committed to lifelong learning.

Explore the various workforce initiatives and opportunities that are available to you and find answers to your questions about the Excellence in Early Childhood Education workforce strategy.

One-time bursaries for up to 300 students currently enrolled full time in an ECE diploma or degree program in Nova Scotia. Learn how to apply for a bursary of up to $3,250, or $7,500 for students in one of six equity seeking groups.

Over the next few years, EECD will work with partners in public schools and post-secondary institutions to offer high school students career counselling and college credit courses in early childhood education. Learn more.