Bursaries, Credits, Exchanges & Work Experience Programs

The French Programs and Services Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, in cooperation with Canadian Heritage, offers French language bursaries and employment opportunities.

Destination CLIC (Bursaries for francophones not residing in Quebec)

Destination Clic is a three-week summer program tailored to help francophone youth (outside Quebec) nurture their sense of belonging to and identity with their francophone community at home and abroad.

Expérience culturelle 12 (EXC 12)

This program provides an opportunity for students participating in the Nova Scotia-Québec Student Exchange or the EXPLORE programs to acquire a high school French credit by successfully completing an independent study.

EXPLORE (Spring and Summer French immersion program)

Explore is an intensive French-immersion program that is offered during the spring and summer. If you are interested in learning or improving French and travelling to a new part of Canada, then Explore might be the perfect program for you.

French Language Bursary Program for Nova Scotia Students

To encourage students to pursue full-time studies at Université Sainte-Anne or another francophone institution in Canada, where French is the language of instruction.

French Language Bursary Program for Nova Scotia Teachers

To encourage teachers who hold a Nova Scotia teacher’s certificate to pursue courses which are either pedagogical in nature or designed to improve French language competencies.

Nova Scotia Part-Time French Language Assistant Program

This program is designed to provide part-time work experience to Nova Scotian students. As part of the program, candidates will create and deliver activities in French for elementary and secondary students eight hours a week for a period of six months, from the beginning of October to the end of March.

For more information about this program, including eligibility requirements for French Language Assistants, please consult the guide at this link.

Nova Scotia-Québec Student Exchange

The Nova Scotia-Québec Virtual Student Exchange program is a 6-week student exchange available to French second-language high school students from Nova Scotia.

Please note: the 6-month in-person exchange is currently suspended. 

ODYSSEY (Official Language Monitor Program, Full-time)

Inspire youth to practice their English-speaking skills and share your culture while getting paid! That’s Odyssey!