Water Test Results

Water Test Results

Safe drinking water is available in all public schools in Nova Scotia.

In 2019, Health Canada revised its guidelines related to lead concentration levels in water. Since then, water quality in schools have been tested on an ongoing basis.

Remediation measures have been introduced and information about individual schools is available on Regional Centre for Education and CSAP websites. Additionally, the province and federal governments funded individual water stations for schools in Nova Scotia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All schools have safe drinking water available for students and staff.

Regional Water Test Results and Updates

Information about water test results for individual schools, and updates on remediation, is maintained and updated by Regional Centres for Education and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial. 

Water results and updates are available at the links below:

For additional information 

Information about individual schools and updates on remediation can be found on your RCE/CSAP website.

For additional information about schools in your region, please contact your region or CSAP. 

For more information about Health Canada’s guidelines related to lead and copper, go to the following sites: