Water Test Results

Water Test Results


In December of 2019, the Province of Nova Scotia committed to testing the water in all public schools across Nova Scotia after Health Canada revised its guidelines related to lead concentration levels in water.
Health Canada also revised its guidelines related to copper concentration levels in water, and copper tests were also conducted.
To ensure that parents were confident in the availability of safe drinking water, the government also put bottled water in every public school in Nova Scotia.
This water will remain in place until appropriate remediation steps are taken.
In the meantime, Regional Centres for Education (RCEs) and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) have taken steps to remove access to any other water source until test results were received, and appropriate remediation steps can be taken.
Nova Scotia’s remediation plan for school water includes the following measures:
  • ongoing remediation of water taps, plumbing and/or pipes
  • installation of touchless water stations
  • restrict access to water taps that do not meet Health Canada guidelines
  • ongoing communication with students and staff about water safety efforts at their school

Regional Water Test Results and Updates

Information about water test results for individual schools, and updates on remediation, is maintained and updated quarterly by Regional Centres for Education and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial.

Water results and updates are available at the links below:

Initial Test Results

All school water taps were tested and results posted in September 2020.
All results from September 2020 are archived here [https://www.ednet.ns.ca/water-test-results-archive].
For current results refer to your local RCE / CSAP results at the links above.

Next Steps

Nova Scotia is committed to supplying clean drinkable water to our staff and students at our public schools.

Currently, all schools receive clean drinking water. This will not change.

Nova Scotia continues to deal with restrictions based on COVID-19. This means there is no access to school water fountains. 

Bottled water continues to be available to staff and students. Moving forward, schools will continue to receive bottled water until appropriate remediation is completed.

The province is purchasing touchless water stations to support the health and safety of students and staff during the global pandemic and for the years to come. We have budgeted $3.8 million to purchase the touchless water bottle refilling stations and for installation and replacement of supply lines/materials that are needed.

The orders have been taking place already, and some schools have already received their orders. We anticipate all schools will receive touchless water stations by September 2021.

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