Educational Research and Partnerships

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the regional centres for education, and the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial value educational research.

Conducting educational research

Each regional centre for education (RCE) and the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) have their own processes for approving educational research requests.

If you are looking to conduct research in schools, please contact the appropriate RCE or the CSAP:

Requests for education-related Data and/or Information

If you are looking for provincial, regional, or school level data and/or information, please visit: 


If you cannot find what you need:

Are you affiliated with a research institution or organization with a specific research purpose or project?

  • Please contact detailing your project and the type of data and/or information you are seeking.
  • If appropriate, a copy of the research and information sharing guidelines and application form will be provided.

Are you generally looking for more information on a topic, but not affiliated with a research institution or organization?


Please note:

The Educational Research and Partnerships process is not intended for individuals not affiliated with a research organization or institution.

Educational Research and Partnerships fulfils a limited number of research requests/projects each year due to capacity, resources, and the volume of requests submitted. All requests will be evaluated and prioritized based on alignment with Department priorities, privacy considerations, and capacity. Requests from Nova Scotia researchers will be prioritized when possible.

Timelines to evaluate requests will depend on the type of data and/or information requested and any associated privacy implications. Please expect this process to take several months. Applicants will be notified via email of any decision regarding their request.

If the request is approved, an approximate timeline for data and/or information fulfilment will be established. A data sharing agreement and/or privacy impact assessment may be required, which will impact fulfilment timelines. A privacy impact assessment is mandatory for potentially identifiable data and requires considerable resources.