Out-of-School-Time Learning Grants

Out-of-School-Time Learning Grants are designed to assist communities and public schools throughout the province that require additional supports outside of school time to help students succeed in Math and Literacy.

Programs will provide children and youth with a range of supervised activities designed to encourage learning and development outside of the regular school day.

  • Activities will include academic coaching or tutoring and other complementary experiences such as enrichment, homework help, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, recreation, arts and music programs, mentoring, community service and more. Grants for programs that support family literacy are also welcome.
  • Eligible organizations (e.g. community groups, schools, SchoolsPlus sites, school boards) will serve students from priority schools that serve neighbourhoods or regions where a large number of families live in poverty. Programs will use innovative approaches to welcome and engage students who are struggling with academic and/or social-emotional challenges at school.
  • Grants will only be awarded to programs that are delivered through established partnerships among community groups, publicly-funded schools and/or SchoolsPlus sites. These partnerships will be formed with the purpose of aligning and strengthening the supports children and youth encounter during and outside of the regular school day.

 Grant Information and Application Requirements

Applications are being accepted via email to natalie.dow@novascotia.ca.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 26, 2024