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The IURN is committed to funding research projects identifying practices which support positive learning environments and opportunities, and have an impact on student achievement and well-being, for African Nova Scotian, Mi’kmaw learners, as well as learners experiencing economic exclusion/poverty in Nova Scotia.

IURN Research Funded 2016-2024

Research Opportunities 2023-2024

The Inter-University Research Network (IURN) is seeking applications for research projects that align with their mandate and focus on specific areas of interest. There is a total of $150,000 available to support IURN grants.

Application for Funding

The following documents outline criteria that will be used by the Steering Committee to evaluate proposals and specifies the components that must be received with each application.

Submit your application

The deadline for receiving applications is 4:30 pm, Friday October 13, 2023. All applicants will be notified Mid to late November.


IURN Symposium presentations

Amplifying the Voices of Black Families and Educators in Nova Scotia
Authors: Jessie-Lee McIsaac, Milena Pimentel

An Ethics of Care Approach to Cultivating Relationships
Author: Denise Palmer

Being Intentional: Using Number Talks to Promote Equity
Authors: Marc Husband, Evan Throop Robinson, Matthew Little

Engaging Learners in Culturally Relevant Informational Texts within a Rural Place Context
Authors: Dr. Deborah Toope, Dr. Marie Edwards, Darlene Barr, Nisha Langford, Emily Fultz, Jessica Martin

Exploring Africentric Education
Authors: Karen Hudson, Barb Hamilton-Hinch, Zhanna Barchuk, Diana Seselja, Mary Jane Harkins

Exploring the Influence of a Strength-Based Approach on Mi’kmaq Learners and Learners Experiencing Poverty and Their Teachers
Authors: Dr. Jennifer Mitton, Ann Findlay, Lia Lewis

How are the Students Doing?
Authors: Krista Ritchie, Denise Palmer Sara King, James Sawler, Paul Stemmler

Towards a Spirited Pedagogy: Centering African Nova Scotian Learners as Expert Voices
Authors: Dr. Kesa Munroe-Anderson, Dr. Susan Brigham

Piloting a Literacy Development Program for Refugee Youth to Survive and Thrive in Nova Scotia Schools
Authors: Christine Doe, Amna Mirza

Ubuntu: The Educational Role of Elders of African Heritage in Schools
Authors: Susan Brigham, Randy Headley, Hanseung Kim

Using Language to Deconstruct Barriers to Science Literacy
Dr. Erin Robertson, Dr. Kathy Snow, Jillian Polegato, Darlene Bereta

Education-related Data and/or Information

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Contact us if you have any questions about the application process, eligibility criteria, or the identified areas of research.

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