Anti-Racism Resources

Given the heightened interest in the Black Lives Matter movement and how it has exposed the injustice against Black people, now is the time – more than ever – to fight against anti-black racism.
That change begins with meaningful conversations and actions.
There is no one way to delve into this topic, just as there is no one approach to address and eradicate Racism and its impact.

Resources for Parents And Families:

As a parent, opening discussions around race can be sensitive, uncomfortable and even messy. Start by talking with your child about anti-black racism and how systemic racism works. Make time to discuss what white privilege means and how it operates.
If you are a parent of a Black child, your child may have already experienced racism in their everyday lives. It is even more important to check in with your child by listening to what they have experienced or witnessed and asking them how they feel. These are important first steps.

Resources for Schools:

Education is the social institution that has been pointed to as the universal equalizer. Nova Scotia’s Inclusive Education Policy calls on each one of us, and every facet of the education system across the province, to use this moment to use our privilege to respond to the legacy of systemic racism with meaningful, lasting change.


More Online Resources: