Forms and Application Process

Home Schooling Registration Form

To avoid delays, please:

  1. Complete a separate form for each student
  2. Include a copy of the birth certificate for children who are:
    • entering grade primary (children must be five-years-of-age on or before December 31 for grade primary)
    • new to the provincial education system
    • To access information on obtaining a Nova Scotia birth certificate, visit the Access Nova Scotia (Vital Statistics > Birth) web site.
  3. Ensure program information is complete
  4. Sign and date the “Parent/Guardian Declaration” on page 1 of this form

Submit your application by mail or secure online form

​​​mail: Regional Education Services
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
2021 Brunswick Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2Y5

secure online form:

If you have any difficulty with the completion of the form, or you wish to have a copy of the form mailed to you, please contact us at 902-424-7616 or toll free at 1-866-873-1722.  We would be pleased to answer your questions on any aspect of completing the registration process.

Student Progress Report Forms

Sample progress reports for an elementary level student are included for your reference.

Many parents prefer to use an anecdotal reporting format rather than using a form that does not allow for the detail of the program used.  This form of reporting is acceptable.

If parents/guardians have questions regarding progress reporting, please contact our office.