Pre-primary FAQ: Attendance

Can my child attend for only a short period of the day in the beginning?

The transition into the Pre-primary Program can be adjusted to meet you child’s needs.  

Please work with the Regional Centre for Education or the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial Pre-primary Program Lead, ECEs and team to develop a plan that suits your family and child.

Is the program mandatory or voluntary?

The program is voluntary. Families choose whether to enroll their child in the program.

The Pre-primary Program is not required to enter Grade Primary.

Must I notify the school each time I choose not to bring my child?

It is always helpful for educators to know if your child will not be attending. Regular communication with the Early Childhood Educators will be encouraged and supported.

Must my child attend every day?

As the Pre-primary Program is voluntary, how often a family chooses to send their child is up to the family.

If you intend to send your child part time, please ensure your child’s ECEs are aware of what days they are or are not attending. Families are welcome to modify that arrangement at anytime.

My child has diverse needs and would benefit from an extra year of Pre-primary Program. Can my child attend Pre-primary for a second year?

The intention of Pre-primary is that children attend for one year only and then move with their peers to Grade Primary.

If there is a request for a second year, it will be discussed on a case by case basis.

What will it mean for my child’s learning if I keep him/her out of pre-primary?

Pre-primary is a voluntary program. Families decide whether they want to enroll their children.

A quality early learning program like the Pre-primary Program can make the transition to school smoother and provides children with the best start to succeed in school and life.