Pre-primary FAQ: Inclusion Support

Can my child continue to receive developmental intervention?

Yes, all community based supports for preschool aged children are welcomed in the Pre-primary Program.

How will ECEs support my child with diverse needs?

ECEs will meet with you and any team members who support your child to learn about your child.

They will want to know about what your child likes to do, what motivates them, and what your goals are for the child.

  • They will use this information combined with their knowledge of the routine and the group of pre-primary children to develop a plan that outlines how your child will be supported during the day.

The Pre-primary Program is child-led and play-based.

  • The day is planned around the interests of your child and the group’s. Small group activities will be planned in a way to ensure your child is successful.

There may be times when your child needs some extra support, for instance getting dressed to go outside to play.

  • In this situation an ECE would be with your child supporting them to get dressed, helping them when needed and teaching them new skills to learn independence.
  • Peers may also want to help. Children are often motivated when their friends are engaged with them.
My child has diverse needs and would benefit from an extra year of Pre-primary Program. Can my child attend Pre-primary for a second year?

The intention of Pre-primary is that children attend for one year only and then move with their peers to Grade Primary.

If there is a request for a second year, it will be discussed on a case by case basis.

My child has diverse needs. Will they be accommodated to ride the bus?

Pre-primary is an inclusive program. Children with diverse needs, who meet the eligibility criteria to be bused to the program, will have access to transportation.

My child is receiving Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI). Can they attend the Pre-primary Program?

Yes, all community based supports for preschool aged children are welcomed in the Pre-primary Program.

Will you provide an Educational Assistant for children?

The Pre-primary Program does not have Educational Assistants.

ECEs provide programming that considers the whole group ensure all experiences are offered in a manner that allows for anyone to interact regardless of ability.

ECEs are available provide support and guidance to children who may be experiencing challenges in all or part of the learning environment.

Additional staffing needs to ensure a quality, inclusive early learning experience for all children, are determined by the pre-primary team and through discussions with parents.