Pre-primary FAQ: Registration and Bussing

Does my child have to attend the Pre-primary Program in my catchment area?

Children will attend the Pre-primary Program for the school in their neighbourhood/catchment area. Out of catchment requests are considered at a Regional level.

Please contact your school directly for further information on out of catchment opportunities.

How do I know where my child will attend pre-primary?

The full list of schools, as well as catchment information, is found on the Regional Centre for Education or the CSAP web site.

Is bussing available for Pre-primary Program?

Bussing will be available for all pre-primary children who meet the regional bussing eligibility criteria for the school they will be attending.

Families are encouraged to connect with their school around bussing options for their child(ren).

My child has diverse needs. Will they be accommodated to ride the bus?

Pre-primary is an inclusive program. Children with diverse needs, who meet the eligibility criteria to be bused to the program, will have access to transportation.

My child is turning five, but I plan to start them in grade Primary at the age of six. Are they still eligible?

Yes. Children who will be five years old on or before December 31 of the year they enroll are eligible to attend the Pre-primary Program before going to Primary.

Our neighbourhood school and the designated Early French Immersion school both offer the Pre-primary Program. I want to register my child for Pre-primary at the designated Early French Immersion school as that is the school my child will attend for Early French Immersion in grade Primary. Is this possible?

Early French Immersion is a public-school program that begins in Grade Primary. Families make the choice to send their child to Early French Immersion in Primary.

The Pre-primary Program is delivered at the neighbourhood or catchment school level. Eligibility for registration is based on catchment or neighbourhood school. Children attend the Pre-primary Program at the school identified as their neighbourhood or catchment school by the Regional Centre for Education or the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial and not the designated Early French Immersion school.

In some cases, a family’s neighbourhood or catchment school and the designated early French Immersion school are one in the same.

When, where and how, can I register my child for the Pre-primary program in my area?

Please visit your Regional Centre for Education or Conseil scolaire acadien provincial website for instructions on where, when and how to register in your area.