Pre-Primary FAQ: Registration and Eligibility

When, where and how, can I register my child for the pre-primary program in my area?

Over the next four years, more than 250 Pre-Primary classes will open across the province. Year one begins September 2017, and will include 50 pre-primary classes at 43 schools.

Pre-registration will begin immediately. To pre-register and for a list of pre-primary locations visit our website

You may also pre-register your child by downloading the pre-registration form and mailing it to the department, or by calling toll-free 1-833-424-2084.

As Early Childhood Educators are confirmed for each site they will connect with families who have pre-registered to finalize their registration. Pre-primary programs across the province will open by the last week of September, unless locations are ready to begin accepting children sooner.

What is the pre-registration process?

Parents can pre-register their child for a Pre-Primary Program in the school within their catchment area.

You can pre-register online, download and mail in the form to the department, or call toll-free 1-833-424-2084.

Can I drop off my completed form to my school board office?

No. You may download, print and fill out the form and mail it to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Who is eligible to attend the Pre-Primary Program?

This is a voluntary program. Parents can choose whether they want to register their children. The Pre-Primary Program is open to all children who are at least four years of age by December 31. Children can only attend for one year.

Will the program be ready for the first day of school?

We are working quickly to have these classes ready for the last week of September. If a school can open sooner, parents will be notified. We first need to ensure we have the right people in place to provide a safe, quality program before the children start.

A program will not open until qualified Early Childhood Educators are hired and we are assured the program can be implemented properly.

What is the opening date for all 50 classes?

All 50 classes will open by the last week of September. If a site can open sooner, parents will be notified.

I have to provide notice to my child care provider that my child is leaving. When should I do that?

It is recommended that parents wait until they have received confirmation of the pre-primary opening date.

Can I place my child in a Pre-Primary Program in any school I want?

Your child must live within the catchment area of a school that is offering pre-primary.

My child is turning five, but I plan to start him/her in grade Primary at the age of six. Is she/he still eligible?

Yes. Children who will be five years old by December 31 are still eligible to take part if they are not going into grade Primary.

Does this mean I can place my child in the Pre-Primary Program for two years, at ages 4 and 5?

No. A child may only attend the Pre-Primary Program for one year. That may be at the age of 4 or 5 (by December 31 of the school year). We want to ensure every child can have a quality early learning experience in the year before they start school.

I do not live in the catchment area for the school offering pre-primary nearest me, but want my child to attend pre-primary.

Your child must live within the catchment area of a school that is offering pre-primary.