Pre-Primary FAQ: Children with Special Needs

My child has a special need. How will you support my child to take part in the Pre-Primary Program?

The Pre-Primary Program is an inclusive program. Children with special needs will continue to have access to the same services and supports they would receive at home or in a community based program when they are in the Pre-Primary Program.

Will special needs children receive an EPA? Will an additional ECE support be hired?

If additional staff is needed to ensure a quality, inclusive early learning experience for all children, this will be addressed.

My child has autism and will be receiving EIBI. Must I delay their entry into pre-primary?

No. The EIBI program provides treatment to eligible children in their natural settings. This will include the Pre-Primary Program.

My child has a condition that requires medication to be administered. Will the ECE make sure my child takes their medication and assist in administering it?

The program will work with families to ensure the needs of their child are met. Individual cases will be discussed when children are enrolled in the program.

My child has a life-threatening allergy. Will my child be safe at school?

If your child has a life-threatening allergy, it’s important that you notify the ECE lead the first day.

If necessary, ECE’s will be trained in the use of an epi-pen. The Pre-Primary Program will be subject to the health and safety policies and regulations of the school.