Pre-Primary FAQ: Staffing

Who will be teaching and looking after my child? Are these teachers?

The Pre-Primary Program will be staffed by Early Childhood Educators (ECE) who have the background and expertise to support early childhood learning and development.

What if I have an issue or concern? Who do I talk to? The school? The principal? The ECE?

Parents should address any issues or concerns about their child’s learning directly with the Early Childhood Educator. Each Pre-Primary Program will have a Lead Early Childhood Educator who will be responsible for working with parents.

I’m an ECE. Where do I apply for the ECE positions for the new Pre-primary program?

Each School Board will be posting positions for the pre-primary program.  Please check the School Boards’ websites for job postings. 

How many children and ECEs will be in my child’s class?

There will be one ECE for every 10 children.