Pre-primary FAQ: Staffing

Who will be teaching and looking after my child? Are these teachers?

The Pre-primary Program will be staffed by Early Childhood Educators (ECE) who have the background and expertise to support early childhood learning and development.

What if I have an issue or concern? Who do I talk to? The school? The principal? The ECE?

Parents should address any issues or concerns about their child’s learning directly with the Early Childhood Educator. Each Pre-primary Program will have a Lead Early Childhood Educator who will be responsible for working with parents.

I’m an ECE. Where do I apply for the ECE positions for the new Pre-primary Program?

Each Regional Centre for Education or Conseil scolaire acadien provincial will be posting positions for the Pre-primary Program. Please check the websites for job postings. 

How many children and ECEs will be in my child’s class?

There will be two ECEs for a group of 20 children. If there are a more than 20 children, up to a maximum of 24 children, a third ECE will be added.